Welcome To Doc Bakers Farmulations

Here on our website, you can find out information about all of our organic products from organic cold pressed juices, smoothies & shakes, to our organic salads & wraps.

Doc Bakers Farmulations is an organic Cold Pressed Juice Bar, founded by a pharmacist, located on North Main Street in the heart of Doylestown Pennsylvania. Doc Bakers Farmulations specialize in fresh, organic, raw, nutritionally dense, plant based drinks & food which are all suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian diets. Doc Bakers Farmulations supplies the purest organic cold pressed drinks & organic food that are free of toxins found in conventional food products. Doc Bakers Farmulations organic cold pressed juices & organic food products are undiluted & created with care, so not to compromise the nutrition of the products. (Gluten Free options available)

Doc Bakers Farmulations also offer Cleansing Plans if you are interested in doing a organic, nutritionally dense, cold pressed juice cleanse/detox. As a customer, you can let us know your juicing preferences for a highly customizable cleanse plan.

Doc Bakers Farmulations also are continuously adding information about new products make here at the juice bar, as well as nutritional & health facts about all of the ingredients that we use. Doc Bakers Farmulations are also writing a wide range of blogs every so often about various common health concerns to exotic ingredients and their benefits.